Mullah's Presents:  The Golden Toad Music and Dance Camp

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Examples of some of the music and dance you'll find at Golden Toad Camp

Swedish viola taught by Mikael Marin of Väsen


Väsen performing "Hasse A's" (written by Mikael Marin), at a festival at Ransäter in Värmland, Sweden, June 2006.

Cajun Music taught by Eric and Suzy Thompson


 Eric and Suzy Thompson perform "Valse de Balfa" and "Lake Arthur Stomp" in January, 2010

Tribal Fusion Belly Dance by Zoe Jakes

  Zoe Jakes at Union Pool in Brooklyn, june 2008. Shot by Jason Sinopoli.

Egyptian Style Belly Dance by Elizabeth Strong

  Elizabeth Strong in Egypt, 2009

Celtic Whistle with Chris Caswell

Chris Caswell

(KVMR Celtic Festival)  

Olde English Country Music & Sword Dance

classes taught by Jason Adajian


 Newcastle Waits & Pipe and Bowl Morris Men performing at the Dickens Fair in San Francisco

Middle Eastern Ensemble taught by Kevin Cloud


Kevin Cloud leads his Silk Road Caravan in a 2008 performance. Myra Joy (strings teacher) is to the left of Kevin, playing the cello.

Keyboard Accordion instruction by Dan Cantrell


Dan Cantrell performing with The Toids

Brass Band with Peter Jaques

  Peter Jaques performing with Brass Menazeri in 2008

Chris Caswell teaches and sells the harp

 Chris Caswell at the 2009 Sebastopol Celtic Festival

Fiddle with Steve Gardner


Steve Gardner performing "Rainy Day" with Culann's Hounds at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco on St. Patrick's Day 2008.

Irish Tunes with Darcy Noonan and Dave Corey

Backing Irish music with George Grasso


Darcy Noonan, Dave Cory, George Grasso and Joey Abarta playing at Golden Toad Camp in 2010.