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Both pools at Golden Toad Camp

Both pools with a view of cabins in the distance.


Gaga Pit

The ga-ga pit. For more information about what a ga-ga pit is: click here.


Horseshoe pits

Horseshoe pits



Horseshoes in one of the horseshoe pits


Volley ball court

Sand volleyball court


Trails behind lodge

Trails behind the lodge


Trail behind lodge

on the trails


Looking up from the Lodge

Looking up from the lodge


Compost Trail

Passing the composter on trail from the lodge to Huckleberry Fire Pit


Art Room Enter

Entering the Art Room cabin


Art Room

In the Art Room cabin


Art Room Exit

Art Room cabin: looking back towards entrance. In this picture: Jeremy McMaster, Matthew Lewis, and Anna Swan.


Harriman Hall Bleachers

Bleacher seating on north-west side of Harriman Hall


Otherside of seats at Harriman Hall

View from other side of bleacher seats


Coyote Field

Coyote Field (main parking area)


Bottom of coyote field

Bottom of Coyote field, going towards cabins that are furthest from the lodge