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Golden Toad Camp Mission Statement


The Golden Toad Music and Dance Camp is a gathering of musicians and dancers who wish to learn and share traditional music and dance styles from around the world.  The camp is based upon a firm belief in learning from our “community elders,” and those who have excelled in their specialty.  Enriched in a relaxed, family atmosphere, The Golden Toad Music and Dance Camp welcomes new students of young and old, along with skilled life-long learners in ancestral style music and dance.


“The Golden Toad” name is from a traditional music style band that originated in the 1960’s in Northern California.  There were four members at first who began sharing their music as “The Golden Toad” with the launch of the Renaissance Pleasure Faire in Northern California (first in China Camp State Park in San Rafael then Black Point Forest in Novato).  The Golden Toad band grew as they shared their songs with, and learned songs from other musicians who joined their group.  The band began to play other venues around Northern California, and for awhile could fill an entire stage with musicians joining them in performing Old World music.


 “Camp Gurus” at The Golden Toad Music and Dance Camp, many of which were original and early members of The Golden Toad band, play an integral part in the custom of passing down knowledge and skills.  They can be sought for private instruction, and may be found taking part in several classes taught by camp instructors.


The Golden Toad Music and Dance Camp offers structured classes that meet for an hour or so during the four full days of camp (Thursday through Sunday).  These classes are taught by some of the finest musicians and dancers from the bay area, and around the world (some coming from as far as Istanbul, Turkey).  Many of the teachers have formal degrees in music and/or dance, have several years experience teaching their subject, and most perform professionally.

In the continued search for music and dance excellence to aspire to, and learn from, The Golden Toad Music and Dance Camp offers a different “Camp Headliner” each year.  The Camp Headliner teaches advanced classes in their discipline, and offers a show during one of the camp’s evenings of  entertainment. 


“Mullah’s Teahouse Presents: The Golden Toad Music and Dance Camp” is the camp’s full name, coined by Don Brown.  The camp was started by Teahouse of the Mullah Nasrudin’s Donkey, LLC (Jeremy and Kristi McMaster), with input from members of the band The Golden Toad, and several musicians, dancers, and artists that are involved with the camp. 


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