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Detailed description of Golden Toad Camp location


General Location:
“Mullah's Teahouse Presents:  The Golden Toad Music and Dance Camp” will take place at the CYO Retreat Center in Occidental, California.  This means it is accessible by public transportation.  From the Bay Area, just take a bus to Santa Rosa, then take Bus #20 “The Russian River/Occidental Bus” to Occidental (basically the end of the line).  Transportation from the bus stop to the camp can be arranged, or it is a reasonable bike ride (1.6 miles).

CYO Retreat Center is nestled among the coastal redwoods on 216 acres in Sonoma County, California.  The camp is eleven miles from the Pacific Ocean, and has miles of hiking trails and a small private lake.  Bicycles are welcome on the main roadways and pathways at camp (not on wooded trails, please).


The upper level of the main Lodge is a huge 6,000 square foot hall with fireplaces at each end. The hall has windows and doors around it, and a deck that spans most of the way around. The dining area is located at one end of the upstairs hall, right off of the large commercial kitchen.  There is free wi-fi service at the lodge. There is a set of public restrooms (flush toilets, sinks, mirrors) just inside the main entry of the lodge, with about 6 stalls in each. 

There are four rooms in the downstairs part of the lodge.  The far northeast room will be a classroom (it is equipped with tables and chairs), as will the room just west of that.  There is a hallway in-between those two rooms that has doors at either end, that will help with sound drifting; and there are public restrooms in that hallway.  The two western most rooms are most likely going to be used for the day spa run by Natasha and Dawn Feldthouse.  They will be taking reservations for massage therapy, aroma therapy, facials, and reiki.


Other points of interest:
There is another building called Harriman Hall that will be used as a classroom and night-time event location.

An outdoor amphitheater seats up to 300 people, and is the prime location for large music classes and concerts.

There are two heated swimming pools inside a fenced in area, and one of them has a volleyball net.   Pool hours will be limited, mid-day with a lifeguard on duty (exact hours to be announced).   Next to the pool area is a sand volleyball set-up.

There are five fire-pits with seating around them, logs provided for fires, and water barrels at each for fire safety.  At least Huckleberry Fire-pit and Woodridge Fire-pit (both with bleacher seating) are designated class locations.  The other fire-pits are called Redwood Circle, Upper Redwood Circle, and Pomo Ridge.  We need to follow the retreat center’s fire-flag policy:
Green flag means low to moderate weather conditions, campfires allowed.
Yellow flag means moderate to high weather conditions, campfires allowed using the metal inserts and extreme caution.
Red flag means critical weather conditions, and no campfires allowed.


Sleeping accommodations:
Twenty-four cabins are found here and there along the paths from the lodge up to the large Woodridge fire-pit.  The cabins are newly constructed, heated, and have electricity.  There are 6 bunk-beds in each cabin, sleeping twelve people total.  Cabins are grouped in pairs with a deck that has benches connecting each pair.  Hard-wood floors, mirrors, and shelving units are in each cabin.  They also have skylights, overhead electrical lights (wall switches), and most have curtains on the windows.  Only the bed and mattress are provided in the cabin, guests will need to bring sleeping bags and/or bedding and pillows.  The beds are slightly smaller than the average “twin size” bed, measuring 75" long (6' 3") by 31" wide, and are 5" thick, resting on a solid board.

Tent camping will be throughout the property in designated areas.  Guests will need to bring their own tent, bedding and camping supplies.  No candles or open flames/fires at the campsites, please (thank you!).


Restroom Facilities:
Three bath houses are located throughout the grounds.  Each is divided into two sides (men’s and women’s), and contain flushing toilets, sinks, and private showers with private dressing areas.  There are electrical outlets in the sink/mirror area, heated floors, and overhead lights in each bath house.  Two of the bath houses contain 12 showers in each house, and the third bath house has 10 (total of 34 private showers, with lots of hot water).

There will be port-a-potties located in the further parts of camp.

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