Mullah's Presents:  The Golden Toad Music and Dance Camp

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Items to bring with you to Golden Toad Music and Dance Camp:

1. Flashlight (at least one per person, especially for tent campers)

2. Towels (you'll need these for the showers and the pools)

3. Pillow(s) and bedding (sleeping bag/sheets, blankets)

4. Tent and camping gear (if you are tent camping)

5. Comfortable walking shoes

6. Dancing shoes

7. Jacket and pants (it can get cool at night)

8. Summer clothes including swimsuit(s) (it can get hot in the day time)

9. Bicycle (It is a bit of a walk--1/3 mile--from the most upper edge of camp to the lodge, and no transportation will be provided by the camp.)

10. Any medications you might need (prescription, Tylenol, allergy medications, vitamin C, etc)

11. Toiletries (possibly: shampoo, soap, lotion--sunscreen, deodorant, feminine needs, bug repellent, hair dryer, ear plugs, etc)

12. Camp chairs and lamps (especially for tent campers, for use at your camp site)

13. Any musical instruments that you would like to bring.

14. Small snacks, especially if you are prone to hypoglycemia.

15. Cash: to open a tab at the Coffeehouse (limited drinks provided for free at meal times), purchase a CD from a musician or band at camp, purchase a treat for yourself or someone else at the Day Spa, buy an item during the "flea market," or to make your reservation for the next year's Golden Toad Music and Dance Camp.

16. Camera (plus film/memory) to capture pictures of you and your friends/family having a great time together at the Golden Toad Music and Dance Camp.

17. Batteries to power your flashlight, camera, and other items that need portable power. You may also have a charger for your batteries that you may want to bring to decrease the waste of disposable batteries.


Please do NOT bring:

Heaters--they pose a fire danger and all the cabins have heaters installed in them.

Open flame lamps--fire danger.

Illegal drugs--they are illegal, and illegal activity will not be tolerated at camp.

Firearms--we are forbidden to bring them onto the property by our contract with CYO retreat.

**If you are caught bringing any of the above items to camp, you will be told to leave and will NOT receive a refund**


Please be cautious when bringing:

Alcohol--do not give any alcohol to minors, this is illegal and you will be told to leave (no refund). Please dispose of alcohol containers in appropriate receptacles.

Cigarettes--only smoke in designated areas (fire pits, crew smoking area behind kitchen, other marked areas). Please use caution when throwing out cigarettes and matches by placing them in the designated containers.

Prescription medications--do not share these with anyone else, they were prescribed by your doctor for you alone.

Thank you!

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