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Golden Toad Camp class structuring:

There are 6 designated class periods each of the four full days of camp, Thursday through Sunday. The classes start at 10:00am and finish at 7:15pm. Each class period is 1hour and 15 minutes in length, although some classes may end after only 1 hour. There are 15 minutes of unscheduled time between classes, and 45 minutes of unscheduled time mid-day for lunch (although lunch service starts and ends before and after that 45 minute designated down time).

You do not need to sign up for classes, and can change your mind about a class you have attended, and either attend another class instead, or do something else entirely.

Please only attend classes that are at your skill level, to increase the learning and fun for yourself and others.

Children's Workshops

Children's workshops are geared towards kids; however, all ages are welcome and invited to attend.


Dance Classes



Music Classes