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Main entrance to the lodge (faces north east). Let's head inside...


Lodge skylights

The main entertainment area of the lodge (eastern end). The front entrance would be on the left here, but is cut out of this picture.


Piano and organ

Piano and organ in main entertainment area of the lodge.


dining area to main area

Standing in the dining area (west end) looking towards the main entertaining area. There is free wi-fi service in the lodge.


Salad Bar area

Salad Bar area--entrance door to the kitchen on the left, exit door farther down, and dirty dish return window is just after that.


Hot food serving line

Hot food serving line in the kitchen



Standing in the dining hall looking towards offices (south side of building). Office on far right will be the Golden Toad Camp office, office on the far left belongs to the retreat center director, middle room to be announced.


Lodge restroom

Both men's and women's restrooms are located just inside the main entrance to the lodge.


upper back deck

Back deck off of the entertaining area of the lodge (south side, upper level).


Lodge from SE

The main lodge as seen from the south-east side, standing in the meadow.


down stairs deck area

Back deck down stairs, towards the western end.


East end room

Downstairs lodge, eastern end room


down stairs restrooms

Eastern edge of downstairs middle room. Part of the hallway between the eastern end room and this room, where the restrooms are located, can be seen here on the right.


Middle room exit

Downstairs middle room exit to deck area



Looking out to the meadow from the upstairs back deck area. The little wooden "T" to the right of the deck area is a two-person water fountain.


West side of Meadow

Standing back in the deck area, looking at the west side of the meadow and the southwest side of the lodge.

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